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You're invited!
Women’s WKND 2023 | Friday, May 5th – Saturday, May 6th

The conference team has spent the last few weeks praying, planning and preparing this awesome weekend – just for you!

Spoiler alert! No one attending is perfect, and no one is coming to share how she has all of life figured out. Every single woman attending WKND is coming with expectations, hopes, fears and struggles. We are all on our own journey of faith, and we need other women of faith to come alongside us with compassion and understanding and above all, love. 

We would love to personally invite you, your family and your lady friends to join us for this awesome WKND. We promise that you are not going to want to miss this!

In Christ,
CCCM's Women's Ministry
Christ Community Church's Women's Ministry


Wknd Q&A'S

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